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Chop-Chop it’s more than just a barber shop and it’s definitely not a beauty salon. Our barbers are A1 specialists and artists who know how to combine all needed details to create manliness icon. Cosmetics we use – the best and was delivered all over the world. It helps us to honor 300-years old tradition of classic haircuts, beards and saving.


St. Antonovich, 50

+38 097 750 99 99

Mon-Sun: 10:00 — 21:00



We recommend you classic haircut because the concept of it passed already decades and still on the top. It would take one hour. Washing your hair twice and styling it using good cosmetic. Or no styling. Up to you. But better pay attention to barber’s recommendations.

WET SHAVE 600uah

Wet shave is like a spa procedure in our barber shop. It takes one hour and most of the time you lying in comfortable chair. Barber steams out your face with towel using few different oils, Italian shaving foam which would get to your face using British shave brush and German straight razor. The most magnificent is the way barber uses the razor. In the end you would like not only the result but the whole process when you can relax and enjoy.

Beard trim 400uah

You better listen to your barber here. He would know which form suits you the most. It all depends on your face type and structure of your hair. It takes 30 minutes. Besides using trimmer and scissors your barber can make beard ending using straight razor.

STYLING 300uah

Styling takes 20-30 minutes and it helps to look fresh before your date especially if you after work. Or you can spoil yourself if it’s not time yet for your haircut but you want to visit us. No doubt Berber would make it in the best way using only the best cosmetics. By the way some of t smells better than some parfumerie.

BUZZ 400uah

This one for people who prefer simple short hair and comfort. It takes 30 minutes and barber works only with trimmers.


You can afford beard trim only if you have a beard. So why don’t you do both at once? Not trying to save some money but trust your barber. It takes one hour and a half and would bring you bunch of happiness. Chop-Chop recommends.

BOY’S (till 12 y.o.) 600uah

This haircut can afford boys before 12 years old and it takes one hour. So kid would understand that it’s fun way to spend the time. Isn’t it awesome you boy might have classic haircut just like the boy on our logo.


This one for people who likes their beards but haircut should be simple. It takes one hour and in the end you gets manly, rigor and neat result.

БАТЬКО+СИН 1000uah

Особливою послугою для майбутнього покоління ми вирішили потішити в першу чергу батьків. Батько може прийти сюди разом із сином, якому ще не виповнилося 12 років, і разом розділити задоволення від відвідування Chop-Chop за спеціальну ціну. Маму теж можна брати із собою – в нас для неї дуже непогана кава та журнали. Це навіть дуже классно, коли батько і син мають спільні цінності і полюбляють одне й те саме місце. А ще, звичку до відвідування правильних місць краще прививати з дитинства.


Київ: Волосся – 600 грн. Борода – 400 грн.

Одеса: Волосся – 200 грн. Борода – 200 грн.